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We publish apps and books.

We can assist you with the tools to build your portfolio and customer base.

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Our goal is to help you get your works completed, polished, packaged, and presented to the major online publishing market places. We utilize top marketing platforms to drive relevant ads to an relative audience, and connect you to key syndication channels.


Meet our Team.


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What IF you were to write and story? But Not just any story….

An Interactive Fiction story is one that engages your audience and keeps them coming back for more. This evolving publishing model provides a new outlet for writers to explore the depths and breadth of their stories. We promote and distribute their works to growing hungry reader audiences looking for this style of Novella series to read. In our Decide your Own Path series, we encourage readers to ask authors for what they want more or less of, as a new way to interact with a story’s evolution by sharing feedback and ideas though our social channels.
Through this section of the website you will find all the information you need to get familiar with our process for creating, publishing, and monetizing your interactive fiction projects. We appreciate you taking the time to evaluate our Digital Publisher’s Service for Writers and your interest in publishing your interactive fiction works.


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Our Interactive Story Process & Creation Method

Our stories are published as a Saga Titles with; Volumes 0-3, Episodes 1-22 where readers can have completely different experiences reading the same book series. Readers start at Volume 0. When done the first novella they are offered the purchase for the next of 3 novella episode book choices to read in Volume 1 where their story path starts and takes shape. Then in Volume 2, readers can choose from 6 middle episodes and conflict, and then they can decide on 12 exciting endings. This creates highly consumable stories that readers then have the tools to share and recommend to others. Speaking of which, you will also find a writers toolbox in resource section.



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We Publishing to Key Digital Markets & Grow Author Reader Audiences

Primarily we publish completed works EPUB, and hard copy print to order is available.To build Author revenues we focus on key methods and awareness campaigns to drive your new traffic to as many accessible online points of sale as possible. The primary access points and markets include Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, and Google’s PlayBook. Via our app division we are able to extend your reach and create additional exposure opportunities to new audience who use mobile devices but spend more time in the Apple, Android, and Amazon App stores. This additional market exposure increases the probability of purchase and hihger revenues.


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Plug into Opportunities with Influential Social Groups & Networks for Reach

When we are getting ready to publish a new Novel or Interactive Saga, we post on message boards for the major genre influencers on social networks letting them know a new title is coming out. We may just be banging or own drum or we may ask specific things like book cover inspirations, and preferences, or a survey on why they like the genre type and a chance to win a copy of the story. At this point we want to plant the seeds for news relationships in the influential communities.


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Revenue Reporting Dashboards Display Publishing Campaign Results

Based on seasonality and trends, we work with you to identify your desired outcomes and build goals around. Whether product is sold for at a premium, discount, or for free, you will be able to get access to reports to see purchase frequency, ad network revenue, traffic sources and more which provides more insights for marketing plans and how to alter campaign activities. We uncover things like finder where users come from by their interest groups such as “bookworm” or “shoppers” or “teenager.” Geo targeting also allows us to triangulate where publishing efforts and marketing campaigns should focus on more or less.


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Relationship & Portfolio Building

We work with writers to evolve their portfolio’s and connect the right relationship’s so that they might expand their vision into trans media friendly versions of their intellectual property. As their communities grow, results take shape, and reader preferences are revealed, we intend to continue to collaborate with you through the ongoing steps of creation, design, pricing, distribution, trans media development and ad network integration. We are truly about building relationships with people so that they may achieve their dream and in the process we can achieve ours. To deliver mass market audience friendly entertainment.





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So you want to make apps? How about a Portfolio of them?

So most people know that big creative in house projects are fun and often require significant capital. When idea rich and capital strapped, we get organized and build processes. We lift our selves up by our boots and we spend creativity and time evaluating processes that pay and build them through teamwork. Our apps are called Media Display Apps and we are publishing portfolios to build a capital pool fund to develop larger fun in house dreams. So jump to learn about our process and remember to check out the tool box in our resource section.

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Research Markets Analyze Ideas

Ok we like data. So we research the primary app markets looking for what is hot and trending. Next we sift through the secondary app markets wish listing available source code licenses. Identifying key chart trends and channels we can ideate from to flip purchased app source codes into for a more engaging user experiences. You don’t always hot a home run when you’re up to bat, but research markets and trends helps to spot the diamonds in the rough. Essentially, secondary apps markets can yield great opportunities if you know what to look for, flip them and optimize them for engagement, driving direction, and to help improve internal rate of returns.

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App Portfolio Flipping Production Teams

Each portfolio of apps has its own production team consisting of a; project manager, theme designer, interface designer, mobile developer, and marketer. Our designers to create add new graphics and user interfaces based on themes we have identified as hot in pop culture and low on the intellectual property risk scale. Our team members batch development for games, entertainment, books and utilities apps.

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Build, or Buy and Update Proven Source Code with SDKs

When we have built or acquired the codes our team members get to work. We flip our apps by getting our developers to update our codes. We work with developers across top-ranking iOS and Android apps. We utilize SDK’s developed for simple integration and that deliver the highest-quality mobile ad experience. Then we add in app purchase for stores and more apps, and then integrate ad networks.

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Publishing and Marketing Growth Strategy

We believe in the Pareto principle, which says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of the efforts. The 20% of key markets for Essence published works Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and their many mobile points of sale. We market through influential social media communities and leaders as well as by publishing more app portfolio’s ongoing basis to keep awareness of each portfolio as high as possible.

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